Books produced of/for CLAGS

Queer Ideas: The Kessler Lectures in Lesbian and Gay Studies. Edited by Alisa Solomon and Martin Duberman, and published by the Feminist Press in December, 2003. More information from the Feminist Press.

Queer World: The Center For Lesbian And Gay Studies Reader. Edited by Martin Duberman and published by New York University Press in April, 1997. More information from the New York University Press.

Queer Representations: Reading Lives, Reading Cultures (A Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies Book). Edited by Martin Duberman and published by New York University Press in May 1997. More information from NYU Press.

Articles and Book Chapters about CLAGS

CLAGS was featured in the “Queer Methods” issue of WSQ: Women’s Studies Quarterly (Fall/Winter 2016).

Conference Proceedings 

Selected Proceedings of the Transgender Politics, Social Change, and Justice Conference (May 6-7, 2005). Editors: Paisley Currah, Gael Gundin Guevara, and Richard M. Juang.

Other CLAGS related publications

Sexual Cultures Series 

Founding editors: José Muñoz and Ann Pellegrini.

General editors. Ann Pellegrini, Tavia Nyong’o, and Joshua Chambers-Letson

Celebrating its 20th anniversary the Sexual Cultures series expands queer theory’s potential by “unfixing the subjects of LGBTQ studies.” Founded by CLAGS board member, José Muñoz and Ann Pellegrini, the series continues to push the boundary of what queer publics can become. 

Click here for more information on the Sexual Cultures series from New York University Press