Manolo Guzmán,
PhD candidate in
Sociology at the
Graduate Center and
Assistant Professor of
Sociology at Marymount
Manhattan College, presents
at CLAGS’s spring 2003
Graduate Student
Colloquium. His Espikin’ Very
Queer: Puerto Ricans, Homosexuality, and Race, part of his
dissertation work, questions the racial status of American
‘gayness.’ Guzmán introduced his talk with a story about
his first introduction to gay activism, explaining that,
when appearing at his first gay activists’ gathering, he
was directed to the ‘people of color’ meeting. Born in
Puerto Rico, Guzmán has a particularly troubling
relationship to gayness and whiteness as he theorizes
that gayness has become implicitly white in the
American liberation movement. Guzmán argues that
comparing the gay rights movement to the civil rights
movement, as some LGTBQ scholars’ work does, makes
gayness white through its differentiation from racial
justice efforts.