CLAGS’s International Resource Network website will debut this fall. The site will include: regional pages; group pages for a wide variety of groups to collaborate and be active IRN participants; people pages for registered users to communicate their interests and encourage networking; forums for blogs, discussions, chats, and e-courses; e-journals; conference and event pages; announcements; and links to other research centers and institutions. The site is being designed in Chinese, English, French, and Spanish; material in any language can be uploaded and searched.

In the meantime, please consider sending us “seed content” for the site. We’re looking for resources of many types, in any language, that can be legally uploaded to the IRN’s digital database. They might include: abstracts, announcements, articles, bibliographies, biographies, books, case studies, conference papers, creative and personal writings, digital interactive media, directories, editorials, ephemera, glossaries, guides, handbooks, manuals, images, legal documents, letters, links, newsletters, reports, scripts, syllabi, transcript, other materials–or information about your institution or research center you’d like found on IRNWEB.ORG. Simple email the material to us at and provide the complete title for the document and let us know if you want to be identifi ed as the contributor or author.