Black Nations/Queer Nations?

” Black Nations/Queer Nations? Lesbian and Gay Sexualities in the African Diaspora: A Working Conference,” originally announced for October 6-8, 1994, has been rescheduled for March 10-12, 1995. From the planning committee: Through a combination of roundtables, panel presentations, worksessions and cultural event s, BN/QN will provide an occasion for conversation and organizing across communities both inside and outside the African diaspora. The conference will bring together workers, intel lectuals, pol itical organizers, scholars, artists, students, and everyone committed to the struggle of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people of African descent to claim and live our lives. Our goal is to provide an environment which will faci litate collective discussion and analysis across the many communities of the diaspora where we actively struggle toward our own empowerment. The conference planning committee thus requests that proposals include a brief statement of the strategic and practical relevance of the proposed topic to sexual politics within the African diaspora.