Changing of the Guard at CSGS

CLAGS board member Carolyn Dinshaw has
stepped down as Director of the Center for
the Study of Gender and Sexuality (CSGS) at
New York University. She will be replaced by
Don Kulick, Professor of Anthropology at NYU,
who is also a member of the CLAGS Board. We
salute Carolyn for all her hard work and
dedication as the organization’s director.
Founded in the fall of 1999, the Center for the
Study of Gender and Sexuality describes its
mission as conducting “a broad interdisciplinary
investigation of gender and sexuality as keys to
understanding human experience.” CLAGS has
collaborated with CSGS on many events in the
past including the very successful series “Lesson
Plans: Pedagogy Workshop on Teaching Gender
and Sexuality.” With another CLAGS board
member at the helm, we look forward to
continuing the working relationship between
these two vital institutions.