CLAGS is Poised

At CLAGS’s midway point of our 2003-2004 year, things look promising: our new Executive
D i r e c t o r, Paisley Currah, is well in the mix of his new post, creating new events and programs, pursuing new
funding opportunities, and bringing a new perspective to our organization. During the first half of this year,
our programming has showcased fresh perspectives on issues of the moment. Our “Bad Law” series has explored
the implications of Lawrence v. Te x a s and how queer families are recognized, or not, by the law. And our on-going
“Claiming Disabilitiy” programming has presented new work at the
intersections of Disability Studies and LGTBQ Studies in a variety of forums,
including a Seminar In The City. And, among other things, our International
R e s o u rce Network is reaching out to—and has already convened—scholars
around the world to discuss local and global politics of the LGTBQ movement,
both within and outside of the academy. To make all of these things possible in
2003-2004, and to ensure our organization’s vitality in coming year, CLAGS
looks towards its members to help ensure our work continues.
While our programs and projects push forward our organization has, at
times, had to rely more heavily upon the enthusiasm and volunteer labor of our
Board of Directors and our members, and less upon available money to fund
expenses such as travel costs for getting speakers to our events; ensuring that
fresh and relevant articles are contributed to our newsletter and website;
maintaining funds for our much-needed fellowships and awards programs, so
that a graduate student can get to a conference to present LGTBQ work and
that an undergraduate can be rewarded for pursuing LGTBQ Studies in his or
her work; the less dazzling but vitally important costs of postage to mail our
newsletters and events and fellowship notices; and the very office supplies that
help keep our small staff able to perform their jobs.
Indeed, this year has been a particularly difficult one, with budget cuts
within the Graduate Center, where CLAGS makes its home; with city and state
budget cuts, which include some governmental sources that help fund our
work; and in an economy that continues with a sluggishness detrimental to
nonprofits and the foundations that fund their work. In the face of these
challenges, CLAGS is relying upon our members’ support more than ever. We
urge you to support our efforts in the coming year by filling out the form
b e l o w, including a donation to the extent that you are able, and mailing it to
our offices. And, as a new component to our membership program, CLAGS is
now able to accept donations via credit cards, so that giving is easier to do
than ever. Your donation—even if it is in the amount of $10—will support all of
our organization’s necessities, including those listed above, and allow our work
to continue. If you believe in the creation and dissemination of LGTBQ
scholarship for our communities, now is the time to support CLAGS.