Committee Reports

I. The CLAGS Curriculum Committee, consisting of Board members Martin Duberman, Byrne Fone, Harriet Malinowitz, Framji Minwalla, and Oscar Montero met on May 25th and elected Fone as Chair. The committee agreed that its primary tasks should be: 1) to actively pursue CUNY student representation on the committee; 2) to disseminate information to students concerning lesbian and gay courses –both undergraduate and graduate -university-wide, and at colleges in the immediate metropolitan area; 3) to work for an increase in gay and lesbian content in courses now being taught; and 4) to create a mentoring program for graduate students to provide information and career counseling. The committee voted to implement the following as immediate projects: 1) to seek more active student involvement on the committee. Matt Rottnek, the CLAGS Administrative Assistant and a fourth year graduate student in philosophy, will act as liaison to generate additional student representation on the committee. CLAGS Board members, Ann Pollinger Haas and Byrne Fone, would serve as liaison between CLAGS and CUNY graduate students; and 2) to create a circular to be available at Graduate School registration listing lesbian and gay courses offering graduate and undergraduate credit throughout the CUNY system and at Pace, The New School, Long Island University, Rutgers, NYU, Columbia, and Pl’inceton.

II. The Publications Committee is a new committee of the CLAGS Board of Directors. Its members include Jeffrey Escoffier and Ruthann Robson, Co-Chairs; Frances Negron-Muntaner; Martin Duberman; and Lucile Duberman, editor of the newsletter. The purpose of the committee is to coordinate and expand the publishing activities of CLAGS. The Publications Committee is currently working to complete the “Directory of Lesbian and Gay Scholars” by late fall of 1993. The work is being coordinated by Jeffrey Escoffier and includes data on nearly 600 scholars from around the world and representing many fields including sociology, anthropology, history, law, literature, biology, political science, and others. The Directory will be cross-referenced so that users will be able to search for information by the name of the scholar, his or her field of interest, specific discipline, and even geographic location. The Directory will be available for sale late this fall and will be updated every three years. For information on how to obtain a copy, contact the CLAGS office at 212-642-2924 starting in November.