Conference: Race, Sex, Power: New Movements in Black & Latina/o Sexualities (Other News)

April 11-12, 2008
University of Illinois at Chicago
This conference brings attention
to these “bodies of knowledge” – in
their biological, social, cultural, and
political forms – in order to rethink
how the relationships between race,
sexuality, and power has, and continues
to, shape Black and Latina/o sexualities
in the U.S. This conference intends to
highlight debates, ideas, and practices
relating to the meanings assigned to
black and brown bodies in the U.S.,
how black and brown people experience
their socially regulated bodies, and how
those bodies are positioned vis-à-vis
knowledge, truth, politics, and history.
Bringing together activists, artists,
independent scholars, faculty, practitioners,
and students from a broad range
of disciplines and fi elds, the conference
aims to address issues of sexual desire
and pleasure, cultural activism, blackbrown
dialogues and coalition-building,
creating and performing sexual identities,
human rights and social justice,
and citizenship, among other topics.
Interested participants may submit
an abstract (approx. 300 words) for: 1)
individual papers; 2) panels and roundtables
(approx. 4 persons); 3) poster
presentations; or 4) visual presentations
(fi lm, performance, video, photography
displays). If applicable, please include
any technology requests, space needs as
well as low-resolution images of your
work, in addition to your abstract.
Please submit abstracts
(as well as any queries) to
EDU. The deadline for submission of
abstracts is September 15, 2007.