Donor Profile: John D’Emilio

Every person who attends a CLAGS event, participates
in a CLAGS reading group, or applies for one
of CLAGS’s fellowships has a unique experience with
our organization, and takes something very different
away from that interaction. In an effort to highlight the
diversity of our members’ experiences, CLAGSnews
has instituted our new Donor Profi le section that will
share thoughts from members themselves about their
involvement with CLAGS and why they feel it is important
to be a member of our organization.
New York is where gay intellectual work
began for me and where my
fi rst community of peers
formed. So, partly I
donate to CLAGS for
sentimental reasons.
But I also think that
today, still, CLAGS
plays a unique role in
fostering an engaged
queer scholarship. It is
always looking to make
links with the world of
advocacy and collective action
at the same time that it’s willing
to challenge the received wisdom of political
– John D’Emilio, CLAGS member, professor of
gender & women studies and history, University of
Illinois at Chicago; author of Lost Prophet: The Life and
Times of Bayard Rustin