Fifteen Years in 15 minutes: CLAGS Anniversary Documentary

CLAGS ended its 15th anniversary year with a premier of “CLAGS: 15 Years of
Groundbreaking Research and Scholarship,” at the Kessler Lecture on November
17th. In a very fast-paced 15 minutes, the documentary hits on many of CLAGS’s
milestones, showcasing the organization’s role in fostering cutting-edge research
and serving as a hub for disseminating new work on queer sexualities.
The documentary features many speakers who have contributed to the success
of CLAGS, and of LGBTQ Studies, over the years, from founders and early board
members to the organizers of groundbreaking conferences.
Drawing on archival footage from conferences, workshops,
lectures, and parties, the documentary, made by Allison Steinberg,
brings to life many of the leading characters in LGBTQ
academia. Steinberg’s video shows us visually why it’s so vital
that not only our history, but the history of our historicizing,
be recorded and saved for future generations.
Allison Steinberg has a passion for bringing to light issues
that are grossly underrepresented in mainstream media. She has
worked for Dyke TV, GO NYC Magazine, and has written for The
Village Voice, Curve Magazine, and The Blade newspaper. She currently
works as Associate Publisher of Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, a quarterly journal for
contemporary American Buddhist
thought. Steinberg is fi nishing
a Master of Fine Arts degree in
Integrated Media Arts—a small,
innovative program that uses the
collaboration of current digital
media tools as a vehicle for social
change at Hunter College in Manhattan.