From the Mail

Excerpts from a woman in China, undated: ” My name is on the mailing list of your widely distributed publication sheets on gay right [sic] activities. First I should thank you for your efforts in making more and more people aware of their rights to be what they want to be. However, I should point out that different countries have different situations. In my case, it is not appropriate for me to receive a publication bearing anything relating to gay right [sic] activities …. To support gay right [sic] activities in other countries, I would like to suggest that you help gay people to establish links among themselves in a country, which will gradually develop a force. If you have other names on your mailing list who are my countrymen, please inform me of them in an enveloped message form.”

We have, of course, deleted her name from our mailing list and sent the names requested. We deeply regret any problems we may have caused.

Excerpt from a disgruntled GWM:

“I sent a $100 contribution to CLAGS a while ago …. I hoped your organization wasn’t another pseudo-sophisticated, ultra liberal, gender parity, politically correct group. I was saddened to learn … that it is no more than just that. In Sept. you had a daylong conference on “Lesbianism and Feminism.” In November the woman who co-founded the Lesbian Herstory Archives gave a lecture on “Mabel Hampton: A black woman’s life told by a white woman.” Also in November another woman spoke about her book on Eleanor Roosevelt. … I guess your only interest in gay white men is their checkbook …. For your information, Mr.Duberman, gay white men are tired of being the Rosa Parks of the gay community. We’re tired of marching at the end of the gay pride parade every June. Organizations that are slanted and discriminatory such as yours will not grow but slowly die. Kindly remove my name from your mailing list.”

We did. Gladly.