Funding News

As our national political discourse moves farther to the right, both public and private dollars become more scarce. Federal, state, and local governments provide fewer entitlements and direct service programs, thereby increasing the demands on private foundations and individuals. Flooded with requests from formerly government-supported programs and initiatives, private foundations focus their giving on essential (and deserving) direct service programs. Individuals, too, receive greater demands through direct mail campaigns and phone solicitations. The lesbian and gay community finds itself particularly strapped during these difficult economic times. We are virtually alone in supporting programs that address the special needs of our community: AIDS-related services, programs for lesbian and gay youth and seniors, anti-violence education, alcohol and drug intervention programs, and gay- and lesbian-affirmative mental health services. Despite the tightening of private and public purses across the nation, CLAGS continues to attract support from foundations and individual donors. In fact, of the four foundations that made grants this year, three specifically funded our organizational development. The Rockefeller Foundation awarded CLAGS $12,000. toward board development. The money wi II be spent over the course of the next year providing training to board members in organizational development and fundraising. The Paul Rapoport Foundation made a matching grant of $10,000. to develop our major donor program. A special fundraising appeal brought CLAGS many new and increased major donors as a direct result of this matching gift. The New York City Lesbian and Gay Funding Collaborative awarded CLAGS $10,000. for capacity building. These funds will support the development of a five-year strategic plan and increased fundraising activities. The Funding Exchange/OUT Fund made a $6,000. grant toward the CLAGS conference: “Trans/Forming Knowledge: Street Smarts, Social Activism, and the Power of Expertise.”