Groundbreaking Sexuality and Space Conference

Globalization, urban space, urban policy and activism, immigration and migration, nationbuilding
and citizenship, circuits of mobility – these are among the issues that panelists from
Canada, Britain, Australia and different parts of the US will take up at “Sexuality and Space:
Queer Geographies of Globalization.” The one-day, interdisciplinary collaborative conference, presented
by the Sexuality and Space Specialty Group of the American Association of American Geographers and
CLAGS, will take place on February 27 at the The Graduate Center, CUNY.
“Sexuality and Space: Queering Geographies of Globalization” will bring together people from a
variety of disciplinary bases who are studying the social, political, cultural, economic, literary, legal and
spatial consequences of globalization on the formation and articulation of sexual identities, the
production of both queer and homophobic sites, and the mobility of sexual minorities. While scholars
from outside of geography increasingly recognize the importance of the concept of space, geographers,
for whom epistemologies of space are central, generally understand space as a relational concept (such
as the flows and connections between and among places) as well as something that is actively and
continually produced. The goal of the conference is to bring geography and geographical concepts into
ongoing investigations of sexuality and globalization, to inform geographical research on sexuality with
research being conducted in other fields, and to facilitate interdisciplinary discussion among scholars of
social contexts of sexuality.
Scholars will present work that is drawn from a wide range of theoretical perspectives and that
comments upon such places as France, Cuba, South Africa, India, Hawai’i, Lesbos, London, Madrid,
Chicago, and Ellis Island. The planning committee has put them all together in thematic sessions that
are hoped to stimulate invigorating interdisciplinary discussions. To facilitate discussion, three of the
panels will be held as lunchtime roundtables. Cost of attendance will include lunch, and the participation
fee will be $25 for full-time faculty and fully employed people, and $10 for students, part-time
faculty and other people with limited income.
For geographers, the conference will function in tandem with the annual meeting of the American
Association of American Geographers, which is being held in New York this year, beginning on February
27 (that day consisting primarily of business meetings and workshops.) The Sexuality and Space
Specialty Group is a formally recognized organization within the American Association of American
Geographers, which was established in 1998 to encourage geographic research and scholarship on
topics related to sexuality and to promote the exchange of ideas and information about intersections of
geography and sexuality.
“Sexuality and Space” will be held at the The Graduate Center, CUNY, 365 Fifth Avenue. The site is