In the Mail

Starting with this issue, CLAGS will be publishing excerpts from letters that come to us from people who write from around the world. The following is an excerpt from a letter from Argentina, June 1992:

“For the past ten years I have been a Gay/ Lesbian rights advocate in Argentina, and, more often than not, I have had to face an utter lack of relevant material for study and discussion with my fellow scholars and activists. The main reason was that, isolated as we are from the most active research and resource centers all over the world, we didn’t know even of the existence of studies in that vein.

At present there are several groups in Argentina dealing with Gay/Lesbian issues. However, we are still in the pre-history of Gay/Lesbian Studies; we are, if I may call it so, a pre-Stonewall generation … We have yet to accomplish visibility and a legal framework that will check the ever-present segregatory practices we are the victims of … Most urgently, we need your recommendations on bibliography. It is vital that we take our first steps … Rest assured that in helping us learn more about ourselves you’re helping thousands.”

We get many such letters and in return we try to send books, articles, bibliographies, and of course, warm words of encouragement.