IRN Launch

On May 10,2008
the International Resource Network
held an event to launch the IRN
website. The launch was a testament
to several years of hard work, and was
preceded by a presentation by CLAGS
on the IRN at the GLBT Archives
Libraries Museums and Special Collections
conference, held the same day at
the The Graduate Center, CUNY.
IRN was fortunate to have former
Directors Paisley Currah (Brooklyn
College) and Alisa Solomon (Columbia
University) as well as Africa Coordinator
Sybille Ngo Nyeck (UCLA)
and special guest speaker Maria Belén
Correa (Red LacTrans) present at the
launch. Correa, whose organization Red
LacTrans is a network of trans activists
in Latin America, spoke on the experiences
of forming such networks across
Latin America.
Alisa Solomon spoke on the formation
and goals of the IRN and the long
process of building the foundations
of our current IRN. Among her comments,
she articulated the key political questions that arose when building an
organization such as IRN. Following her
remarks, Paisley Currah continued to
discuss his role in the building of IRN
as well as more current challenges.
Finally, through the remarks of Maria
Belén Correa, the tangible benefits
and meanings of transnational network
were made clear. Correa mentioned how
distinct political goals and the expansion
of human rights can be delivered
as a result of the cooperative nature of
transnational engagement. Her group
and its work highlights one of the
regions IRN has focused on for current
and future collaborative projects.
The four computer stations set up in the Skylight Room allowed participants to get hands-on
experience at the launch, mix and mingle with others interested
in international connections, and otherwise have what turned out
to be a great time! The evening also included a video projection of
previous conferences, uniting old and new IRN. These videos are
available on the IRN website as well.
IRN is now live and ready to be used at Among
the many new and exciting upcoming items on the IRN agenda
is the soon to be released call for submissions for online seminars.
These seminars, originally proposed during initial discussions of
the IRN, will become part of an archive of materials available for
scholars and teachers across the globe.
During this year, we plan to “launch” at several conferences
and events across the globe—stay tuned for more information
at We encourage everyone to visit the site, make a
profile, link upcoming events, call for submissions and papers,
link groups and upload work to the site—as well as check out the
many resources currently available. We would also like to encourage
everyone to use our forums option to create groups and communicate
with others using our onsite mailing options.
We look
forward to
your visit
and participation
queer scholars,
and activists
across the