Local Politics and Global Change: Academics and Activists Thinking About a Queer Future

This second conference in the series of three sponsored through the Rockefeller Residency Program at CLAGS will provide a context for both queer and non-queer scholars and activists to discuss the situation facing progressive queer politics at the end of this century. The initial planning was undertaken at a pre-conference held on October 24, at which nearly 20 scholars, activists and artists hashed out the major issues facing our scholarship and our movement. Following on this discussion, the conference has been planned as a series of plenary panels scheduled for Friday and Saturday, April 23-24 each of which is focused on a specific set of issues and questions pinpointed at the pre-conference. Panelists wi II not deliver papers, but rather respond to the issues and questions framed by each panel moderator. We are hoping that this format will allow the entire audience to follow and participate in the discussions which are generated and then carried over from one panel to the next. The opening plenary on Friday evening is provisionally titled “Queer Publics: Transforming Policy, Scholarship and Politics.” On Saturday, three panels are currently in formation: “The Future of Human Rights”, “Race Wars”, and the “Capitalization of Politics”. We have high hopes that this conference can help set an agenda for progressive queer research, policy and organizing at this crucial moment.

Lisa Duggan
CLAGS Board Member and Conference Chair