Looking Ahead

CLAGS has two two-day conferences in the planning stage for the academic year 1993-1994. On December 2nd and 3rd 1993, there will be four panels organized by Board member Randy Trumbach with assistance from Arthur Leonard. The conference will show how gay and lesbian studies- in particular: history, anthropology, law, and psychology — are changing some of the directions that the social sciences have taken and-how these disciplines are changing our understanding of homosexuality.

Panels on ancient Mediterranean sexuality and on homosexuality as a third gender will look at societies outside the contemporary United States. The panels on lesbian and gay legal rights and psychology will concentrate on American issues. Three of the panels will be accompanied by films or slide shows, including the new film on the work of Evelyn Hooker.

Among the participants will be Keith DeVries, David Halperin, Will Roscoe, Serena Nanda, Gilbert Herdt, John Gagnon, Nan Hunter, Arthur Leonard, Beverly Greene, and Heino Meyer-Bahlberg.

The second two-day conference is scheduled for February 1994 and will deal with homosexuality in Africa and the African Diaspora, including African-American culture in the United States. This program is being organized by Board member Kendall Thomas of The Columbia Law School.