Making Sheep Straight?

People for the Ethical Treatment of
Animals has launched a campaign against
experiments on “gay” sheep by scientists
at Oregon State University and Oregon
Health and Science University. In a press
release, PETA’s Shalin Gala writes “The
goal of these experiments is to hormonally
manipulate sheep’s sexual partner
preferences to be heterosexual, with the
insidious implication being a cure for
homosexuality in humans.” According to
PETA, one of the researchers wrote in his
grant application to the National Institute
of Health that the sheep study “will furnish
important information that is needed
to formulate and test novel hypotheses
about the biological basis of sexual
orientation in higher mammals including
humans.” In addition to opposing OSU’s
stance that same-sex partner choice is a
“medical condition” from which affected
individuals “suffer,” PETA says the sheep
are not treated humanely or ethically in
these experiments. Individuals interested
in speaking out can contact Shalin Gala
at or visiting the PETA
website at