News from Beyond

The University of Pennsylvania announced in October that
two gay alumni, who began living together as undergraduates
there, had donated $2 million to establish a new Lesbian Gay
Bisexual Transgender Center. The gift, from David Goodhand
and Vincent Griski, is apparently the largest to date from gay
donors for a LGBTQ campus project. Both men graduate from
Penn in 1985 and, unlike gay students of previous generations,
both recall a supportive atmosphere. “It was a comfortable
place for us to be gay,” Goodhand told the New York Times.
“It’s not so much that we had close contact with the adviser
for gay students or anything, it was more knowing Penn had
made that kind of commitment was very powerful.”

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation launched a
biannual, multi-color glossy mag in November devoted to the
relationship between the media and issues in LGBTQ
communities. The inaugural issues of the magazine, Images,
includes, among other lively pieces, a critique of homophobia
in pop culture by Village Voice writer Richard Goldstein, a
report on the explosion of hate sites on the Internet by mass
communications profs Cynthia Cooper and Gary Hicks, an
historical survey of the representations of gay men and
lesbians in TV and film by Penn media maven Larry Gross, and
an analysis of the impact of media coverage on anti-gay
initiatives in Oregon by Arlene Stein. For info, contact