News from the IRN

CLAGS welcomes
Johnson and Tara
Montgomery to
the International
Resource Network
team, joining IRN
team members
Chun-Ping Yen
and Paisley
Currah. Matt, a
student in the
Master of Library
Science Program at
Queen’s College, is
creating a thesaurus
of sexuality and
LGBTQ related
keywords for the IRN
web page database and search systems.
Tara, who has a
great deal of
experience getting
websites online, is
helping out this
spring as a part-time
web page project
manager. Thanks are
also due to the
members of the
IRN’s Librarian
Advisory Board—
Ellen Greenblatt,
Mike Handis,
Daniel Tsang, and
others—who are
helping with the
thesaurus project.
The IRN main
Advisory Board, as
well as the Latin
American and
Caribbean Editorial
Board, and the Asia
Regional IRN
Network, and many
other volunteers will
be working hard
and fast this spring
to create
between thesaurus
words and concepts
across four
languages: Chinese,
English, French, and
Spanish. (If you’re
interested in helping
with this project of
translating, transliterating,
between “queer”
terms across
languages, please
contact us at
.edu.) For more
updates and
information about
the IRN, visit