Online Syllabi and LGTBQ Studies Proposal Collection

CLAGS is collecting syllabi for courses and proposed
courses from educators across the country. We are making
these syllabi available on our web site,, as we
receive them. This collection will be especially useful for
attendees, participants, and followers of the Futures of the Field:
Building LGTBQ Studies into the 21st Century University.
Conversations at this April 2001 conference might be prefaced
by looking at what is being taught in courses with LGTBQ
content and what might be a developing core of texts for the
field. If you have a syllabus you think might be appropriate,
please send it to us in digital format as an email attachment to with “syllabi collection” in the subject line
or on disk by mail to the CLAGS office.
CLAGS is also planning to post online, on its advocacy
pages, copies of proposals for LGTBQ studies programs
(minors, majors, concentrations, departments, etc.) from the
many colleges and universities that have such programs in
place. We hope this collection will be a resource for others in
the process of institutionalizing LGTBQ studies on their
campuses and are certain that Futures of the Field will draw
heavily on it in hopes of gaining practical insight into how our
successes have come about so far. If you have been involved
in putting an LGTBQ studies program proposal together,
please send it to us at or by mail to CLAGS,
The Graduate Center, The City University of New York, 365
Fifth Avenue, Room 7.115, New York, NY 10016.

Paisley Currah
CLAGS Board Member and
Co-Chair of Futures of the Field Conference