OutHistory.org Debuts in September

with the support of the Arcus Foundation, CLAGS
has created a solid foundation for OutHistory.org,
which will make its official debut this September.
The site pioneers in making reliable scholarship on LGBT history
accessible on the Web to a new, larger and much more varied
audience than was ever reached earlier by academic publications.
The site solicits new scholarly work and will republish
out-of-print work from some of the major writers in the field of
lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) history. Professor
John D’Emilio is creating an exhibit on Chicago LGBTQ
history and Professor Esther Newton has curated an exhibit on
lesbian history in the twentieth century, created by her graduate
students. Jonathan Ned Katz is directing the development of
the site and providing content.
Additionally, OutHistory.org encourages content contributions
to the site from any community members who have
research or editing skills, or documents, data, and source citations
relevant to LGBT history. For example, OutHistory.org is presenting
a colorful, illuminating group of postcards from the early-20th-century
picturing “Masculine Women and Feminine Men,” artifacts assembled by
an avid collector, Marshall Weeks. Site users will also be able to post comments
on the site as well as on each article.
Since the spring, OutHistory.org has made several additions:
• “Queer Youth on Campus and in the Media” an exhibit built by Bryn Mawr and Haverford
students for a class taught by Sharon Ullman.
• “WOW Festival, New York City” an exhibit created by Mimi McGurl.
Two OutHistory fellowships to create new exhibits for the website will be awarded in October and
CLAGS has received many exciting proposals for these projects.
For more information or to volunteer content, skills, or financial support, contact Lauren Gutterman,
the Project Coordinator, at gutterman@gc.cuny.edu or Jonathan Ned Katz at jnk123@mac.com.