Queer CUNY Conference

In early May 2000, CLAGS will be sponsoring a Queer
CUNY conference to bring together faculty, staff, graduate
and undergraduate students throughout the CUNY system
who are queer or doing queer-related work. This
conference—the first of what we hope to be an annual
event—is an integral part of CLAGS’s efforts to build new
networks across CUNY campuses and among departments
within CUNY campuses, to strengthen already existing
networks, and to integrate lesbian, gay and queer presences
into the CUNY system.

Rather than the traditional conference consisting of paper
presentations, Queer CUNY will instead be a series of
roundtable discussions in which all attending can exchange
information about a range of issues—for example,
pedagogical concerns, organizing against campus
homophobia, starting student and/or faculty groups. There
will also be break out time for people to talk with each
other on a more informal basis as well as time for
strategizing, planning, and, of course, the traditional
post-conference party.

If you are interested in finding out more information about
the conference, or are interested in helping to plan it, please
contact the CLAGS office at 212.817.1955.