Queer Studies at the Graduate Center and the CUNY Colleges

In 1999, (CLAGS) established the Graduate Center’s Interdisciplinary Concentration
in Lesbian and Gay/Queer Studies as a way for CUNY graduate students matriculated
in one of the university’s many doctoral programs to focus their track of
studies. The Coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Concentration, Professor Lisa Jean
Moore, is working with Graduate Center Professor of English Robert Reid-Pharr to
create an official list of CUNY faculty affiliated LG/Q Concentration. (Faculty do not
have to be appointed to the doctoral faculty of the Graduate School to be listed as
affiliated LG/Q Studies faculty.)
In addition to creating a list of faculty affiliated with the IDS in LG/Q Studies,
Professor Lisa Jean Moore is also working with CLAGS Executive Director Paisley
Currah to create more opportunities for undergraduates at CUNY to pursue degrees
in sexuality/LGBT studies. To that end, they are creating a list CUNY-wide faculty who
regularly teach courses in sexuality/LGBT studies at any of CUNY’s undergraduate
campuses or who could serve as mentors in this program.
CUNY faculty who would like to be added to one or both of these lists should
email CLAGS staffer Megan Jenkins at clags@gc.cuny.edu.