QUNY Notes

QUNY, the LGTBQ student group at the
The Graduate Center, CUNY, had a busy first
semester this year. In addition to hosting
our regular socials we sponsored a student talk
and met with Alisa Solomon, Director of CLAGS.
In October, Ching-Ning Wang, doctoral
student in Sociology, gave a talk entitled “Global
Gayness and its Discontents-The Case in China
and Taiwan.” We were particularly pleased to
have a number of students from outside the
Graduate Center attend Ning’s talk. Any Graduate
Center student who is interested in using QUNY
gatherings as an informal forum for developing
ideas and receiving feedback on their research is
encouraged to contact us.
In November, Alisa Solomon met with
QUNY students to discuss the Interdisciplinary
Studies Concentration in Lesbian/Gay/Queer
Studies. At this meeting, we made plans to
circulate a questionnaire among Graduate Center
students to determine the types of interest
students have in the concentration. Using the
data from this survey, we hope to inform faculty
of those interests and to build and sustain
involvement among students, as well as develop
the Concentration into a Certificate. This
semester’s first Introduction to Lesbian/Gay/Queer
Studies has been great in this respect: students
speak highly of the course, and we are pleased
that CLAGS has made this a priority.
On March 10th, Queens College will host
the 2nd Annual Queer CUNY conference. Last
year the conference provided a wonderful point
of networking and organizing for students and
faculty across the CUNY system and we look
forward to this year’s. Blanche Weisen Cook will
be the keynote speaker, and themes for the
conference include: why so few faculty are out,
how graduates can find work in gay and lesbian
organizations, and building networks among
interdisciplinary programs.
In the upcoming months, QUNY plans to
develop a website so that prospective students
are aware of the queer student presence on
campus and we would love to hear from anyone
with expertise in this area. We are also always
interested in making connections with queer
students at other graduate institutions in the NYC
area, as well as the Graduate Center. Please
contact Deborah Gambs at dgambs@gc.cuny.edu
or Robert Kaplan at rkaplan@gc.cuny.edu for
further information.