Report from the Co-Chairs

It has been a busy but exceedingly productive year for this CLAGS Board. Along with the creative series of public conferences, panels, and monthly colloquia mounted by the Program Committee, we have taken on the new challenges of a Fellowship Program generously funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, as well as cosponsorship of the Stonewall History Project. Indeed, as CLAGS continues to develop and expand, we are working overtime to keep up with our success.

In order to ensure that the Board continues to keep pace with the astounding progress CLAGS has made in the last year, we have devoted the last few months to restructuring and redefining our individual and collective roles as Board members. We began by enlarging the size of the Board and welcoming new members, Richard Elovich, Ann Pollinger Haas, David Kahn, Shepherd Raimi, Kendall Thomas, Sharon Thompson, and Gilda Zwerman (see article in this issue). Our special thanks to outgoing Board members Don Mengay, Jeffrey Nunakawa, Amanda Prosser, Althea Smith, Joseph Wittreich, and Ellen Zaltzberg for all their good work and good cheer.

In June, the newly expanded Board held a day-long retreat, facilitated by Kathy Engel of Riptide Communications, during which members further redesigned the structure, function, and composition of its standing committees. Our goal was to enable the committees to more effectively incorporate CLAGS’s expanding programmatic activities, as well as to make better use of the diverse experiences and interests of Board members. In an effort to strengthen communications among individual standing committees, the Executive Director, and the full Board … the Executive Committee was expanded to include the chairpersons of each standing committee, as well as the Executive Director and the two Co-chairs. However, as CLAGS continues the process of defining itself and its role in the various communities it touches, much remains to be done. Through it all the Board will continue to work to uphold its commitment in all its endeavors to gender balance and multicultural diversity.