Research Colloquium Continues

Last winter CLAGS began a monthly colloquium in which we read and discuss works in progress and issues in studying lesbians and gay men. The colloquium began in January 1989 with Esther Newton and George Chauncey leading a discussion on methodological and ethical issues in research.

Other topics for the spring were: Seymour Kleinberg’s analysis of Tennessee Williams’s gay sensibility; defining homosexuality as a subject of study; Jeff Shandler’s anthropological report on the Tenth International Conference of Gay [4] and Lesbian Jews in Amsterdam; and Claire Riley’s research on lesbian families. Topics for this fall have included the political implications of gender differences in perceptions of sexual identity (Lisa Duggan and Nan Hunter) and sexual relations between women in 18th-century London (Randolph Trumbach).

Participation in the colloquium provides the opportunity to discuss current research projects with other lesbian and gay scholars and get feedback on your own work.

If you are interested in participating on an ongoing basis, contact Seymour Kleinberg, (212) 765-0791, or Claire Riley, (718) 788-3488.