SCREENIN’ PINK: CINEMAROSA – Queer Culture in the Heart of Queens

recognized as queens’
only queer film series,
is a monthly program that has
created a cultural hub in Queens
by screening a diverse range
of Queer Independent films,
presenting media events, and
spreading news of interest and
relevance to LGBT communities of the
NYC metropolitan area. Every third Sunday
of the month, CINEMAROSA presents
screenings of fiction, documentary, and
experimental feature and short films
directed by local, national and international
As an independent initiative
created by filmmaker-New
Media artist, and CUNY
alumnus, Hector
had its
beginnings in
Woodside, Queens,
in 2004. Hosted in
a community house,
and as Canonge
explains; “with a dozen
chairs, white sheets for
screen, and a borrowed
projector, the idea was to have an
alternative venue to the bar scene for the
Gay community of Jackson Heights and
surrounding neighborhoods.” After its
second season CINEMAROSA outgrew the
space of its hosting venue in Woodside
and moved its monthly screenings to the
auditorium of the Queens Museum of Art,
QMA. As part of its mission, CINEMAROSA
has co-produced community events like
Queerin’ Queens, an annual LGBT celebration
organized by QMA, and starting in 2006,
has published p!nk, an online e-newsletter,
dedicated to review cinema, music, books,
and performing arts catered to LGBT
Now in its fourth year, the series has
brought to the community of Queens, and
NYC at large, not only films, but guest
filmmakers, community leaders, and LGBT
group representatives who participate in
panels and Q&A sessions with the
audience. For Canonge, “it’s very important
to have the makers and to acknowledge
their contributions. It’s not just renting the
movies and showing them. Our screenings
demand months of advance programming
and organization.”
CINEMAROSA’s monthly presentations
are divided in two main seasons, Spring and
Fall, with the Summer months of July and
August dedicated to LGBT family and
outdoor programming. Every presentation
is divided into themes, ranging from
immigration to marriage, from coming
out to lesbian stories, and from animation
to transgender rights, to name a few. All
presentations and events are free of charge
to the public. Filmmakers can submit their
work for consideration, and other LGBT
organizations and groups can propose
programs or curatorial ideas. For more
information, visit or
send an email to

join us for CINEMAROSA/
Film screening at the Graduate
on Friday, October 24,
7-9 PM.