Spring Semester Course: Introduction To Lesbian/Gay/Queer Studies

The core course for the Interdisciplinary Concentration in L/G/Q Studies will be taught in the Spring
semester by Prof. Steven Kruger on Thursdays afternoons, 4:15-6:15. The course will consider
how LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) Studies/Queer Studies has emerged as a field, some of
the ways in which that field has been defined (and institutionalized in academia), as well as some of the
ways in which that field has resisted ‘disciplinarization.’ The course will emphasize the interdisciplinary
bases of queer studies, while also asking what particular slants or strengths individual disciplines —
sociology, history, psychology, political science, literary studies, cultural studies, anthropology — give (or
might give) to queer thinking. Kruger expects that students will bring their own disciplinary — and
“personal” — voices into play in the course, opening a dialogue among various (academic, political,
[anti]identitarian) positions.” Readings will include primary documents, historical treatments of LGTBQ
movements and experiences, theoretical writings on sexuality, and cultural works.