Transgender Justice

Proceedings from CLAGS’s Trans Politics, Social Change and Justice conference
will be available in January 2007 under the title Transgender Justice. Like the
conference, the publication will include voices from Argentina and Mexico, as well
as the US. Transgender Justice will present multiple models of activism: from the
use of international human rights instruments to the building of ties with other
movements; from educating schools, congregations and individuals, to critically
examining the trans movement’s own beliefs and differences.
The title refers to a revitalized vision of what justice means, articulated by
trans people and our allies. For people insulated by various forms of privilege, the
word “justice” often conjures up little more than the image of black-robed men
dispensing punishments in a court of law. But for many in the trans community,
justice is the product of struggles for fundamental changes in the way people
think, the institutions we interact with, and the societies and cultures we live in.
The justice of Transgender Justice is a transformative vision.

Richard M. Juang, National Center for Transgender Equality, Advisory Board,