Twilight of Queerness: From Binaries to Connectivity (Queer CUNY VIII)

Most current LGBT political activism focuses on the marriage/anti-marriage
debate, and accordingly, scholarship debate disputes relational/anti-relational
ideologies. Both grossly miss a larger political and intellectual potential for queer
studies and that the defi nition of discreet identity binaries is, itself, destructive to
a truly radical and progressive discourse.
QUEER CUNY VIII is a student conference that seeks the end of the isolationist
queer political discourse and moves toward what Lisa Duggan, who will be
delivering the conference’s keynote address, thought of as a time when “we might
fi nd ways of thinking, speaking, writing, and acting that are engaged and curious…
that are respectfully affi liative and dialogic, that look for the hopeful spots to
expand upon.” Further, the conference will make a space where queer students, activists,
teachers, community members, and others are able to imagine and discuss
what life might be like beyond the limits of ongoing dichotomy and division.

queer cuny viii
hunter college, new york city
april 7-8, 2007