Queers & Comics Conference

The Queers & Comics Conference will celebrate, explore and analyze queer cartoonists and their work. It will offer LGBTQ cartoonists, comics writers and artists an opportunity to share information about their craft, to document the history and significance of queer comics, and to discuss how LGBTQ cartoonists navigate the comics industry.

This forum will spotlight the veterans of LGBTQ cartooning in North America and internationally, and will examine how queer comics reflect and critique queer culture. Queer comics publishers, editors, journalists, academics and readers are also encouraged to attend.

Keynote speakers: Howard Cruse and Alison Bechdel*

Thurs May 7 at 7pm: Howard Cruse Fri May 8 at 7pm: Alison Bechdel

The Queers & Comics Conference will offer two days of panels, workshops, and slideshow presentations, as well as an exhibition of queer cartoon art. Some panels include:

This is What I Look Like: Creating Queer Characters of Color
Trans Visibility in Imagined Worlds
Political Graphic Journalism/Editorial Comics
Drawing Out Queerness: Artists & Scholars in Conversation
Queer Memoir
Queer Comics, Health and Dis/Ability


More information about past events can be found here.