Kessler Award

Kessler Award

The Kessler award is given to a scholar who has, over a number of years, produced a substantive body of work that has had a significant influence on the field of LGBTQ Studies. The awardee, who is chosen by the CLAGS Board of Directors, receives a monetary award and gives CLAGS’ annual Kessler Lecture. No applications or nominations are accepted for the Kessler award.

2019 Jasbir Puar
A No-State “Solution”: Inter/nationalism and the Question of Queer Theory

2018 Amber Hollibaugh
Hope and the Power of Desire: Our Vision for Changing the World

2017 Sara Ahmed
Queer Use

2016 Dean Spade
When We Win We Lose: Mainstreaming and the Redistribution of Respectability

2015 Richard Fung
Re-Orientations: Shift and continuities in Asian Canadian queer and trans identities and activism

2014 Cathy J. Cohen
#DoBlackLivesMatter: On Black Death and LGBTQ Politics

2013 Cheryl Clarke
Queer Black Trouble: In Life, Literature, and the Age of Obama

2012 Martin Duberman
Acceptance at What Price?: The Gay Movement Reconsidered

2011 Kessler Conversations
In Memory of Monique Wittig: Chitra Ganesh and Simone Leigh, Moderated by Dean Daderko

2010 Urvashi Vaid
What Can Brown Do For You?: Race, Sexuality and the Future of LGBT Politics

2009 Sarah Schulman
Ties That Bind: Familial Homophobia and Its Consequences

2008 Susan Stryker
Ghost Dances: A Trans-movement Manifesto

2007 Douglas Crimp
Action Around the Edges

2006 Adrienne Rich
Making Sex History: Obsessions of a Quarter Century

2005 Carole Vance
Travels With Sex

2004 Isaac Julien

2003 Gayle Rubin
Geologies of Queer Studies: It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again

2002 Jonathan Ned Katz

2001 Judith Butler
Global Violence, Sexual Politics

2000 Cherri Moraga
A Xicanadyke Codex of Changing Consciousness

1999 John D’Emilio
A Biographer and His Subject: Wrestling with Bayard Rustin

1998 Eve Sedgwick
A Dialogue on Love

1997 Samuel R. Delany
…3,2,1, Contact

1996 Esther Newton
My Butch Career: A Memoir

1995 Monique Wittig
Reading and Comments: Virgil, non/Across the Acheron

1994 Barbara Smith
African American Lesbian and Gay History: An Exploration

1993 Edmund White
The Personal is Political: Queer Fiction and Criticism

1992 Joan Nestle
“I Lift My Eyes to the Hill”: The Life of Mabel Hampton as Told by a White Woman