Update from the International Resource Network

The International Resource Network (IRN), the global network of researchers, activists, artists, and teachers sharing knowledge about diverse sexualities, hosted by the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies, as so far had a time of reorganization and applying for future funding. Meanwhile, the local organizations and projects associated with the network continued to grow and expand. In our Africa region, we have two ongoing projects: one which aims to publishing interviews with leaders of the LGBTI rights movement in African countries where they are less visible, the other which will result in a Kenyan radio drama series dealing with issues of LGBTI communities in

In China, we are currently focusing on translating and compiling primary sources from Chinese into English to provide resources for English-speaking scholars and facilitate access to first-hand voices. Another project that is ongoibg and started as an IRN project is SeekQueer, a chineselanguage interactive website on queer theory and sexuality resources, available at seekqueer.com.

In the summer, the Caribbean IRN region is creating and presenting an short course in Advanced Sexuality Studies in Trinidad through a collaboration with the Institute for Gender and Development Studies (IGDS) at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine (Trinidad & Tobago) campus. The region will also further its collaboration with the Digital Library of the Caribbean and create a collection of oral history interviews.

In Latin America, the IRN provides a space for discussion for strategies for the strengthening of LGBT rights in the region through its listserve “The Advocacy Network for Latin America and the Caribbean.”

In North America, we are focusing on an attempt to build a network linking university-based LGBT, gender and sexuality programs and research centers with similar non-academic centers and related initiatives across the continent.

In the Middle East, we continue to work on the free online network designed to facilitate exchange and dialogue between the transnational community of scholars and students working on or in the Middle East, called The Transnational Peer Review Network. The other major project in the region is “Turkey’s Queer Lives: LGBTQ Oral Histories Archive,” which aims to address the lack of large scale academic project on the LGBTQ community in the country by collecting life stories of people in Turkey who identify as LGBTQ. The goal is to construct an archive that will be made available to academics, independent researchers and activists who work in the field.

To participate in our projects, to learn the latest news and opportunities in the field of sexuality studies, and to communicate with other individuals and groups that are active in the field, please visit our website: www.irnweb.org.