At CLAGS’s February 28th
Colloquium, Anne Norton,
of the University of
Pennsylvania, discussed
“The State of Alwar:
Nationalism and Sexuality
in the Exile of the
Maharaja of Alwar,” in
which she presented some of
her findings from her
research into the historical
documents of the Maharaja
of Alwar. Among them,
Norton commented on
letters he exchanged with a
male companion, many of
which have already been
destroyed or removed from
the public record because of
their rather blatant
homosexual implications.
Norton also showed a series
of slides demonstrating,
among other things, the
colonizing practices of
photography and the
homoeroticism embedded
within Orientalist imagery.
Take a close look at the
cover of Edward Said’s
Orientalism and you will
quickly see what she means.