With endless thanks for her
untiring labor and
leadership of our organization, the
staff of CLAGS (pictured here, l-r,
Hilla Dayan, Jordan Schildcrout,
Preston Bautista, and Sara Ganter,
with Alisa, center) wishes our friend
and comrade, Alisa Solomon, all
the best as she steps down from
her post as Executive Director. Not
only has Alisa been a pleasure to
work with on a daily basis, she’s
been vital in shaping CLAGS’s
directions in the past few years,
and has taken a part in shaping
each of our lives academically,
professionally, and personally.
Although her daily drive will be
missed, the staff looks forward to
welcoming her at all of our
coming events.
We would also like to send best
wishes to our membership and
fellowships coordinator, and allaround
ingenious designer,
Preston Bautista, who will be
heading back to the west coast
before fall. Preston is the recipient
of a prestigious curatorial
internship in painting at the Getty
Museum in Los Angeles in the
coming year, and will be finishing
his doctoral work, which examines
gender in Renaissance art.
Also stepping away from the
office—but not leaving us all
together—is Hilla Dayan, CLAGS’s
International Resource Network
Coordinator. She will be moving
to Amsterdam in the fall to
continue her doctoral work in
Sociology, which compares
Israel/Palestine, South Africa, and
East Germany separation and
unification models. Hilla will
remain a central figure as a
European organizer for our
international work. Best of luck to
the both of you!