In November, the nation waited with bated breath during one of the most heated presidential races in recent
times. And overnight we were faced with the reality of four more years that we can only hope will bring the return
of better economic times, improved global relations, and the return of US troops to US soil. Yet amid these hopes
we must also face the reality that the administration of the past four years has brought with it a hostility toward same
sex unions, a lukewarm response to affirmative action, and funding policies that have punished LGTBQ groups using
particular words or language in their grant applications. With all this and more to consider at the beginning of ‘another
four years,’ there has never been a more important time to support CLAGS’s work.
For more than a dozen years now, our organization has worked to foster and disseminate LGTBQ thought. And
although our efforts helped to contribute to some of the recent success for LGTBQ people that have seen their way
through the Bush administration—including the overturning of Bowers v. Hardwick—there is much more to be done.
CLAGS’s events provide a free public forum for the discussion of issues and politics that are important and influential to
our members. We host panels on post-9/11 surveillance, symposia on same-sex marriages, and discussions on the
impact of important cases such as Lawrence v. Texas. We hold reading discussions groups on queerness and
technology, and workshops on national and local elections. We publish books and provide funding to LGTBQ
researchers, both of which assist in integrating LGTBQ issues into the nation’s history and consciousness. And we even
print this newsletter to keep our members connected to our efforts and update them on recent developments in the
field of LGTBQ Studies.
To undertake all of this work and more, CLAGS relies upon the support of its members. Less than seven percent of
our budget comes from the City University of New York, where CLAGS makes its home. In fact, this support has
steadily decreased each year and we’ve had to rely increasingly upon donations from community members to fund the
work that has responded to—and helps to shape—the continuing administration. And now, making a donation to
CLAGS is easier than ever: visit to make a donation via our website with your credit card. Or, if you
prefer, we are still happy to accept donations in the form of cash or check. If you believe in the creation and dissemination
of LGTBQ thought—and if you believe that our community has a long four years ahead of it—now is the time
to give to CLAGS. We thank you for your support.