1992 Colloquia

This Fall a variety of topics will be presented at the monthly CLAGS colloguia, following an impressive Spring program. On February 18th, Jane Marcus of the CUNY Graduate School, spoke on gay and lesbian texts. On March 24th, Rose Zimbardo of SUNY Stonybrook, presented a paper on gender and sexuality in the 18th century. And on April 21st, Kevin Kopelson of the University of Iowa, discussed his research on gay and lesbian literature in the 20th century.

The Fall colloquia will start on November 18th with Blanche Wiesen Cook presenting her work on Eleanor Roosevelt. On December 16th, Gilda Zwerman will speak on women and political violence.

For the Spring program, we will have two Norwegian scholars-in-residence at CUNY, Birger Angvik and Dag Strand Nielsen, who, on February 17th, will discuss the status of gay and lesbian scholarship in Norway. And on March 17th, Randolph Trumbach will speak on ritualizing sexual behavior. All colloquia will be held at the CUNY
Graduate School, 33 West 42 Street at 7:00 p.m. For further information, contact Seymour Kleinberg, 310 West 55 Street. Apt. 4G, New York, N.Y. 10019.