A Quick Report on Fellowships and Fundraising

We usually take a corner of this newsletter to tell you about fundraising and how it’s going, and to thank the many supporters who help us by contributing their time, expertise, and financial resources. Many of you already know that this year we’re making a special effort to create new fellowships in gay and lesbian studies. This is an issue that’s very close to all of our hearts- we think it’s the future of the fie ld. For many years, CLAGS was fortunate to have the Ken Dawson and Constance Jordan awards, both of which have now fulfilled their funding periods. CLAGS Rockefeller Residency Fellowships will complete their cycle in 1999-2000. CLAGS is one of the few places where scholars can go for support of gay and lesbian-related work. We’ve decided that we must have more fellowships for students and for necessary research in the field. CLAGS is proud to announce our new fellowships campaign, with three new fellowships: The CLAGS Fellowship, for outstanding work in the field, CLAGS Passing-the-Torch Award, collecting the support of established scholars to recognize important work by a young scholar, and the James D. Woods, Ill Fellowship for a graduate student. We are also beginning long-term work on endowed fellowships. We started the year with CLAGS annual back-to-school party in September, and we added a silent auction to begin the drive for fellowships. We had a great time (balloons, disco music, fabulous guests,) and, most important, we raised more than $1500 for student fellowships. Mark your calendars: We’re having a party to benefit fellowships and celebrate fellowship supporters at Martin Duberman and Eli Zal’s house on March 29th. Tickets will start at $50/$25 for students. Along with entertainment, food, and seeing old friends, your contribution to the event will make more lesbian and gay scholarship possible. Please consider joining the fellowships Dean’s List with a gift of $1,000 or more, or contributing to the CLAGS Fellowships Party as a Fellow at a level of $250, or as a Friend at a level of $100. If you need further information, you can cal l me directly at (212) 642-2923. We have a great opportunity this year. The Paul Rapoport Foundation has offered to match money we raise through individual contributions. Whatever contribution you can make, whether for membership or fellowships, will be matched by their contribution to CLAGS. As you know, CLAGS receives very little financial support from the already-beleaguered CUNY system- we rely on individual contributions for much of our work.

We very much hope that you can join us as a member of CLAGS and at our party on March 29th. Thank you for all your support and interest in CLAGS.

Rachel Cohen
CLAGS Development Consultant