Building Our Library

Thanks to the generous donation of Brian O’Dell, the
The Graduate Center, CUNY library is receiving some 60 books
on LGTBQ themes that belonged to O’Dell’s late partner, Bob
Bailey. A professor of political science at
Rutgers as well as a longtime policy
analyst and community activist, Bailey
helped blaze the trail for LGTBQ studies
in political science. A founder and chair
of the LGBT Caucus of the American
Political Science Association, Bailey
authored various reports on voting
patterns of LGTBQ citizens and, among
other works, the book Gay Politics,
Urban Politics: Identity and Economics in
the Urban Setting.
Meanwhile, proceeds from the
Edward Carpenter endowment
contributed by Ivor Kraft have enabled
us to purchase 50 new books on
LGTBQ themes for the library.
Along with a growing faculty of
leading scholars in LGTBQ Studies and
CLAGS’s ever-expanding programming,
we are happy to add in this way to
CUNY’s status as a center for LGTBQ