CLAGS and NYU Press Launch New Publishing Series

One of the most exciting developments in CLAGS’ history occurred this spring when CLAGS and New York University Press agreed to initiate a lesbian and gay stud ies series. The series will provide another means by which CLAGS can disseminate the important work presented at its events. The first volume in the series will be Transforming the Categories: A CLAGS Reader, edited by Martin Duberman. The reader will include a selection of presentations at CLAGS conferences, colloquia and lectures from 1988-1994. Among some of the authors who will be in this premier volume are Jewelle Gomez, Edmund White, Oscar Montero, Simon LeVay, Dorothy Allison, Mariana Romo-Carmona, Wahneema Lubiano, Michael Moon, Jonathan Ned Katz, Dale Peck, Joan Nestle, David Chang, Ruthann Robson, Douglas Crimp, Essex Hemphill, Elizabeth Kennedy, Arnalda Cruz-Malave, Felice Picano, Assotto Saint, Sharon Thompson and Yukiko Hanawa. The second and third volumes in the series will be based on two recent CLAGS confer’€nces: Sissies and Tomboys, edited by Matt Rottnek, and Queer Theater, edited by Framji Minwalla and Alisa Solomon. Another volume, based on the upcoming conference “Lesbian and Gay History: Defining a Field” (which will take place this fall on October 6 and 7), is under consideration. The first of the volumes will appear toward the end of 1996. The series will provide an ongoing framework for the publication of the work in lesbian and gay studies that has been presented at CLAGS conferences, colloquia, and forums. But after the first four volumes, the series will, in the future, also include book-length scholarly works and monographs in all areas of lesbian and gay studies. Jeffrey Escoffier (CLAGS Board member and co-founder of OUT/LOOK), one of the editors of the series, is in the process of organizing an editorial advisory board.