CLAGS Endowment: Celebrating 20 Years of Scholarship, Art and Activism

Celebrating 20 years of Scholarship, Art and Activism nationally and internationally for LGBTQ scholars deserves the gift of an endowment. The 20th anniversary of CLAGS is a celebration that will honor our past, respect our present, and provide a clear and innovative path for the future. We are celebrating this exciting year by introducing the way forward with the CLAGS Endowment. The CLAGS Endowment is a permanent fund that gives our beloved donors an opportunity to invest in the future of LGBT scholarship and to pave the way for other sexual and gender minorities. The creation of CLAGS was a single vision that became a collective movement. By sustaining our platform to define and present LGBT scholarship, our collective investment will support CLAGS operations and programming with the promise of providing opportunities for evolution of queer scholarship. To grow with the urgent needs of our community, the CLAGS Endowment will be used to support programs and provide the resource flexibility needed for unrestricted use.

2011 marks the inaugural year of the CLAGS Endowment with CULTIVATION!!!

The CLAGS Endowment will not be successful without your support. What we have accomplished in 20 years will mean nothing without the resources to sustain the growing needs of our community. When you hear the word “Endowment” it may sound a bit intimidating so allow me make it easy for you with the following steps.

3 easy steps to making a gift to the CLAGS Endowment
Step 1: Contact CLAGS Development
Please contact Jasmine Burnett CLAGS Development Director and request the announcement about the CLAGS Endowment. If you are a CLAGS member already, you will receive the announcement email, which will outline the next steps for your generous gift.
Step 2: Make a Pledge
The CLAGS Endowment is a five-year fundraising strategy 2011-2015. This provides an opportunity for you to think about what amount best represents your legacy. The principal of your gift grows over time, ensuring that your gift will provide benefits year after year and generation after generation.
Step 3: Attend the CLAGS Endowment launch event
Look out for details! Your support and participation in the CLAGS Endowment is fundamental to our success. There are many ways that you can be creative about how you give, stay tuned for more exciting information about the CLAGS Endowment! For more information contact Jasmine Burnett at 212-817-1954;