CLAGS Events and Outreach 2012

I am very proud of what CLAGS has accomplished
through our events and outreach
programs over the past year. Despite a dire
financial situation and limited resources,
CLAGS offered a vibrant calendar of events
as we continued to partner with many members
of the community in order to create a
challenging and diverse platform for intellectual
leadership and conversation surrounding
LGBTQ issues in the medium of
colloquia, seminars, conferences, fellowships
and awards ceremonies, and lecture
In the past year, I am happy to report that
attendance rates at our events have doubled
from previous years, and our ongoing goal
to increase these numbers through our
multiple outreach programs, which include
social networking resources, our newly redesigned
website, and our bi-annual newsletter,
all helped us reach this goal.
CLAGS continues to increase communication
with its members and seeks feedback
in order to improve our events. Feedback
given for the 2011/12 year was resoundingly
positive and many people who attended our
events have now become CLAGS members.
I encourage anyone reading this letter to
contact CLAGS with any feedback and/or
proposals for events. If you are interested in
proposing an event, you can visit our website,
where information on this process is
listed, or email to
Many who attend our events are Graduate
Center students and faculty; however, we
also attract academics from surrounding
universities and members of the LGBTQ
community. CLAGS welcomes all to our free
events and we are committed to maintain an
open dialogue with the public we serve.
I look forward to another exciting year and
hope to see you at all of our events, entering
into the stimulating discourse taking place
in LGBTQ studies at CLAGS.