CLAGS Kicks Off Fellowship Campaign

In the eight years of our existence at the Graduate Center, CLAGS has become increasingly aware of the need for more support for individual scholars. Scholars and students in the field have surprisingly few resources when they need support for research and writing. This year, CLAGS focused its fundraising energy on gathering more support for fellowships. We had a very successful benefit party at the home of Martin Duberman and Eli Zal on March 29th (special thanks to everyone on the staff and board, and to all our friends who helped make that possible).

We’re very pleased that as a result of the benefit, other fundraising events, and the contributions of major donors, we will be able to offer three new fellowships next year. On the next page is a list of the fellowships CLAGS will offer. For more information on application requirements please check out our website at http:// Complete information will be available after June 1st.

We’re very proud to have more money for fellowships because we believe that this kind of support is the future of the field. It’s part of our ongoing efforts to keep making new work and new ideas possible. And (sorry, we have to remind you) only about 15% of our budget comes from government support, while we raise more than 25% from the contributions of individuals. If you’re not already a member of CLAGS, or if you’d like to contribute to fellowships, please consider filling out the tear-off sheet at the end of this newsletter and joining.

Finally, all of us at CLAGS would like to say thank you. All of you reading this are supporters of CLAGS, and it is not only your financial support, but also your ideas, your energy, and your forward drive, that make CLAGS possible.

Rachel Cohen
Development Consultant