CLAGS Receives Government Grants

Thanks to the initiatives of State Legislator Deborah Glick and City Councilman Tom Duane, both the Manhattan delegation to the legislature in Albany and the New York City Council have approved grants to CLAGS. The state grant of $17,600 is in support of the publication of the Scholarly Directory (of those in gay/lesbian studies), which is one of CLAGS’s major ongoing projects, and the council grant of $2,500 is toward expenses in preparing our spring conference on “The Black Gay Diaspora.” We are very grateful to Glick and Duane for having advanced our applications. We are also grateful to CUNY Graduate School President Frances Degen Horowitz and her assistant, Steve Gorelick. They hosted two luncheons this spring in President Horowitz’s private office, one for Glick and one for Duane, to help further familiarize them with the operation of the Graduate School and, in particular, with CLAGS’s various projects.