CLAGS Welcomes New Board Members

Matthew Brim
is Assistant Professor
of Queer Studies in the
English department at
the College of Staten
Island, CUNY. His courses
explore the rich and diverse field of LGBT
literature and culture. Professor Brim
has published most recently on queer
pedagogy, the LGBT short story, and
radical gay author Larry Mitchell. In his
current book project, titled James Baldwin
and Queer Imagination, Brim argues that
Baldwin’s fiction stands in dynamic but
often vexed relation to the queer theories
used to interpret it.
Allan Punzalan Isaac
Associate Professor of
American Studies,
Rutgers University,
specializes in Asian
American, comparative
ethnic and postcolonial aspects of
contemporary American literary and
cultural studies. His book American
Tropics: Articulating Filipino America
(University of Minnesota Press, 2006)
is the recipient of the Association for
Asian American Studies Cultural Studies
Book Award. In 2003-2004, he was a
Senior Fulbright Scholar at DeLaSalle
University-Taft in Manila, Philippines.
Growing up in Jersey City, NJ, he received
his BA from Williams College and his PhD
in Comparative Literature from NYU. He
teaches a broad range of courses in theory
and literature, Asian American Studies,
critical race theory, law and literature,
and comparative race studies. His current
research is on the Filipino labor diaspora
in Israel and on litotes and the rhetoric
of race.
Heather Love
is Associate Professor of
English at the University
of Pennsylvania. Her
research interests
include modernism
and modernity, queer theory, transgender
studies, affect studies, and sociology and
literature. She is currently working on a
book on the source materials for Erving
Goffman’s 1963 book Stigma: On the
Management of Spoiled Identity.
Dagmawi Woubshet
is Assistant Professor
of English at Cornell
University, where he
teaches courses on
African-American and
comparative African Diaspora literature
and culture. He is currently completing
a book on the poetics and politics of AIDS
writing in the U.S., South Africa and Ethiopia.
Rebecca (Beck) Young
a sociomedical scientist,
is Assistant Professor
of Women’s Studies at
Barnard College. Her
current research
involves evaluation of biological work
on sex, gender and sexuality. She teaches
courses in critical science studies, sexuality,
gender theory, and HIV/AIDS.