Clags Welcomes New IRN Coordinators

Jasmin Blessing
IRN Sub-regional
(Latin America)
After earning her Masters
degree in Human
Rights from the Irish National University,
Jasmin gained a variety of international
human rights experience: United Nations
International Training and Research
Institute for the Advancement of Women
(UN-INSTRAW) in Santo Domingo, the
German Consulate in Rio de Janeiro, and
the Gay Group of Bahia in Brazil. Jasmin
is fluent in German, English, Spanish, and
Vidyaratha Kissoon
IRN Sub-regional
Coordinator (Caribbean)
Vidyaratha Kissoon has
extensive experience
in web-based content
management, including expertise in
using Drupal. In addition to uploading and
organizing regional content for IRN-Latin
America on the IRN-LAC webpage, Vidya
manages various websites in Guyana,
where he lives and works. In addition,
Vidya is an activist against domestic
violence and child abuse, as well as an
active member and annual film festival
co-coordinator of the Society Against
Sexual Orientation Discrimination