CLAGS Wins Second Rockefeller Grant!

In April 1996, CLAGS received word that it won a $250,000 grant from the Rockefeller Foundation to support scholars in lesbian and gay studies. For the second time since 1992, the Rockefeller Foundation selected CLAGS as a host site for its Humanities Fel lowships. The $250,000 grant is the Rockefeller Foundation’s only award to a non-AIDS lesbian and gay institution. The award then, is an especially sweet victory for CLAGS: it is a tremendous vote of confidence in the work that we do. The grant wi II enable CLAGS to provide six $30,000 resident fellowships to scholars in the next four years. CLAGS’s winning proposal, entitled “Citizenship and Sexualities: Transcultural Constructions,” examines diverse cultural constructions of identity, affiliation, and sexuality and how these constructions impact community building within lesbian and gay institutions and communities in the United States. Written by CLAGS board member Harriet Malinowitz, the proposal investigates why problems of community-bui lding and coalition-building continue to exist in our organizations and communities, despite a broad awareness of the importance of organizing multiculturally. After a year publicizing the fellowships, CLAGS will invite submissions of scholarly work that explore the “citizenship” and “sexualities” theme in three different settings: in lesbian and gay organizations and institutions; in queer families and communities; and nationally. The first deadline for appl ications from potential Humanities Fellows will be in February 1997, and the first two Fellows will begin their tenure in September of 1997. The Rockefeller Foundation made its initial Humanities Fellowships award to CLAGS in 1992. The earlier grant, also in the amount of $250,000, supported the work of six Fellows working in lesbian and gay studies from 1993 to 1996. CLAGS’s six previous Rockefeller Fellows in the Humanities were: Charles Nero; Carra Leah Hood; Allan Berube; Jan ice Irvine; Nan Alamilla Boyd; Jeffrey Edwards.