Clarke Award Winner

This year’s winner of the David Healy Clarke Award to a CUNY graduate student is Jarrod Hayes, who will be a sixth-year student in the Ph.D. Program in French. He plans to com plete his dissertation during the 1994-95 academic year. In addition to Queer Theory and postcolonial literature written in French, his academic interests include 20th century French literature, cultural studies, and literary ~heory. He has taught English at the Lycee Victor Hugo in Marseilles, France, and French at Hunter College. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in French with highest honors from Emory University in Atlanta and is from Norwood, NC. The title of Hayes’s dissertation is “Something Queer About the Nation: Sexual Subversions of National Identity in Maghrebian Literature of French Expression,” which examines literature in French from the countries of the Maghreb (or North Africa) colonized by the French – Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia and focuses on the way Maghrebian writers politically use sexual transgressions and marginal sexualities to question, contest, and complicate official versions of nation, nationhood, national identity, and nationalist discourse.