Colloquium Series Focuses on Emerging Scholars

This year’s colloquium series has focused on emerging scholars, those doing work in race and sexuality, and those working in public policy, activism, and/or the social sciences. ClAGS has also introduced a new format this year, featuring co-presentations by younger and established scholars whose work is in dialogue with one another. Talks so far have included Gayatri Gopinath and Geeta Patel ‘s counterpointed discussion 6f South Asian popular culture and politics; Paisley Currah arguing against gay marriage using a transgendered theoretical perspective; Morris Kaplan arguing for gay marriage as civil disobedience; and a rou sing intergenerational critique of the relation between rural and urban historiography presented by john Howard and john D’ Emilio. Audiences have been large, diverse, and talkative, thanks to the outreach efforts made possible by a grant from the Chicago Resource Center. We are looking forward to future talks by Jacquie Stevens on Mrs. Ida Mcalpine and the Freudian Tragedy of Birth; Nayan Shah on pederasty trials between Asian and white males in San Francisco; Sasha Torres on the sitcom Ellen; and a co-presentation by Michael Warner and Ephen Coulter of Sex Panic! Elizabeth Freeman Co-organizer Colloquium Series and CLAGS Board Member